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Second Band


Summer 2009

  • Exultate, Hazo
  • Cloudburst, Whitacre
  • Four Cornish Dances, Arnold (trans. Marciniak)
  • Rhythm of the Winds, Erickson
  • Selection from "Cats", Lloyd-Webber (arr. Edmondson)

Joint pieces with Third Band:

  • Instant Concert, Walters
  • Soul Bossa Nova, Quincy Jones (arr. Myokoin)

Easter 2009

  • Triumphal Prelude, Thomas Doss
  • Tribute to Canterbury, Gordon Jacob
  • 'Mars and Uranus' from 'The Planets' Suite, Gustav Holst
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Zimmer (arr. Bocook)
  • Proclamation, James Curnow
  • Selections from 'Porgy and Bess', Gershwin (arr. Calvin Custer)
  • 'Dies Irae' from Requiem, Verdi (arr. Bocook)
  • Symphonic Suite from 'Band of Brothers', Kamen (arr. Brubaker)
  • 'Indiana Jones' Selection, John Williams (arr. Hans van der Heide)

Christmas/New Year 2009

  • Invictus, Philip Sparke
  • Jig from St Paul's Suite, Holst (arr. Johande Meij)
  • Earth Wind and Fire, (arr. ManfredSchneider)
  • October, Eric Whitacre
  • Finale from Fourth Symphony, Tchaikovsky (arr. Duthout)

Summer 2007

  • The Great Escape, Elmer Bernstein (arr. Smeets)
  • At Dawn They Slept, Jay Bocook
  • Music From Henry V, William Walton
  • Colonel Bogey On Parade, Kenneth Alford
  • Hymn to the Fallen, John Williams (arr. van der Woude)
  • Calling All Workers, Eric Coates (arr. Duthoit)
  • Musket Fife and Drum, Jim Parker
  • The Dam Busters: March, Eric Coates (arr Duthoit)
  • Adagio, Samuel Barber (arr. Custer)
  • Glenn Miller Special, (arr. Derek Ashmore)
  • Keep Smiling Through, (arr. Darrol Barry)
  • Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Elgar

Easter 2007

  • Summon The Heroes, John Williams
  • Mockbeggar Variations, Guy Woolfenden
  • Valdemossa, Matthias Rudolf
  • Sunrise at Angel's Gate, Philip Sparke
  • Celtic Ritual, John Higgins
  • Selection from 'Cats', Lloyd Webber (arr. John Edmondson)

Christmas/New Year 2007

  • Ballet Music from 'The Perfect Fool', Holst (arr. Michael Short)
  • Handel In The Strand, Grainger (arr. Sousa)
  • Charivari, Binney
  • Things to Come, Bliss (arr. Dan Godfrey)
  • Four Scottish Dances, Arnold (arr. Paynter)

Summer 2006 (on tour to the Bournemouth area)

Programme selected from:

  • Concert Prelude, Philip Sparke
  • Thunderbirds, Barry Gray (arr. Kazuhiro Morita)
  • Brook Green Suite, Gustav Holst (trans James Curnow)
  • John Williams in concert, John Williams (arr. Paul Lavender)
  • Music, John Miles (arr. Philip Sparke)
  • Festivity, James Curnow
  • Queen in Concert, Brian May (arr. Jay Bocock)
  • Fanfare & Flourishes, James Curnow
  • The March from 1941, John Williams
  • Le Nozze di Figaro, Mozart (arr. Tohru Takahashi)
  • Selections from Les Miserables, Claude-Michel Schonberg (arr. Warren Barker)
  • Irish Tune from County Derry and Shepherd's Hey, Percy Grainger
  • Birdland, Josef Zawinul (arr. Larry Norred)
  • The Beatles: Echoes of an Era, (arr. John Higgins)

Easter 2006

  • Festive Overture Op 96, Dmitri Shostakovich, trans. Hunsberger
  • Theme from Schindler's List, John Williams, arr. Custer
  • Riverdance Production - Part One, Bill Whelan, arr. Tom Wallace
  • Curtain Call, Guy Woolfenden
    1. Solemn March
    2. Valse triste
    3. Finale
  • Tintin Prisoners of the Sun, Dirk Brosse, arr. De Meij
  • Sky High, Desmond Dyer and Clive Scott, arr. Tabete

Christmas/New Year 2006

  • Peterloo Overture, Malcolm Arnold
  • Lux Aurumque, Eric Whitacre
  • Brook Green Suite, Gustav Holst, trans. James Curnow
    • Prelude
    • Air
    • Dance
  • Popular Song from Facade, William Walton, arr Paul Lavender
  • John Williams in Concert, John Williams, arr Paul Lavender
  • Fanfare and Flourishes, James Curnow
  • March, Opus 99, Sergei Prokofiev, arr Paul Yoder
  • Silver Screen, Paul Hart
  • Whispering Wind, Maxime Aulio
  • Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, Michael Kamen, arr Baker and Hubbert

Summer 2005

  • March from 1941, John Williams, arr Paul Lavender
  • An Outdoor Overture, Aaron Copland
  • Suite: The Time Traveller, Ron Goodwin
    1. March 'Anticipation'
    2. 'Mankind in the Making'
    3. 'A Modern Utopia'
  • 'Irish Tune From County Derry', Percy Grainger
  • 'Shepherd's Hey', Percy Grainger
  • 'It's About Time', Dave Brubeck, arr Charles Sayre
  • Queen in Concert, arr Jay Bocook
  • Selection from 'Les Miserables', Claude-Michel Schonburg, arr Warren Barker
  • The Beatles: Echoes of an Era, arr John Higgins
  • Music, John Miles
  • Overture Solennelle 1812, Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, arr T. Conway

Easter 2005

  • March of the Capulets, Prokofiev arr. Bill Jackson
  • El Espiritu De Cataluna, Ray Woodfield
  • Portrait of a City, Philip Sparke
    • Skyline
    • In Autumn
    • Downtown
  • Summer of 42, Legrand, arr. Osterling
  • 'Jupiter' from The Planets, Gustav Holst
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Symphonic Suite), Badlet, arr. John Wasson

Christmas/New Year 2005

  • Symphonic Overture Triomphale, Gregory Pascuzzi
  • St. Louis Blues, Handy, adapted by Michael Brown
  • Ireland: of Legend and Lore, Robert W. Smith
  • Prelude from 49th Parallel, Ralph Vaughan Williams, trans. Osman
  • Scramble !, Nigel Hess
  • Chicago, Ebb and Kandor arr Victor Lopez
  • Island of Legend and Lore,
  • Finale from Symphony No.3 (Organ), Charles Camille Saint-Saens arr Earl Slocum

Summer 2004 (on tour in Yorkshire)

  • Toccata in D minor, Bach arr. Farr and Lamb
  • Tribute to George Harrison, George Harrison arr. Jay Bocook
  • Hymn to the fallen, John Williams arr. Klaas van der Woude
  • Agnus Dei, Gabriel Faure arr. Frank Erickson
  • Indiana Jones Selection, John Williams arr. Hans van der Heide
  • A Moorside Suite, Gustav Holst
  • Glenn Miller Medley, arr. Haorhiro Iwai
  • The White Rose, Philip Sparke
  • Blue Rondo a la Turk, Dave Brubeck arr. Kevin lamb
  • Royal Tournament, Derek Bourgeois
  • Bird Land, Josef Zavinal arr. Larry Norred
  • Rhythm of the Winds, Frank Erickson
  • New York, Nigel Hess
  • Coronation Scot, V. Ellis arr. Duthoit

Easter 2004

  • Rolling Thunder, Harry Fillmore, arr Calvin Custer
  • Celtic Knots, Goff Richards
  • A Moorside Suite, Gustav Holst
  • Agnus Dei, Gabriel Faure, arr. Frank Erickson
  • Glen Miller Selection, arr Naohiro Iwai
  • A Warm, Rocky Place, Stan Sulzman, arr. Nick Smart
  • Sing, Sing, Sing, Louis Prima, arr. Naohiro Iwai
  • Indiana Jones Selection, John Williams, arr. Hans Van Der Heide

Christmas/New Year 2004

  • The White Rose, Philip Sparke
  • Suite in B Flat, Gordon Jacob
    • March
    • Solemn Music
    • Finale
  • Deep Purple Melody, arr. Toshihihiko Sahashi
  • Blue Rondo a la Turk, Dave Brubeck, arr. Kevin Lamb
  • The Barber of Seville Goes to the Devil, Gordon Jacob, arr. Robert O'Brien
  • Fourth Symphony - Finale, Tchaikovsky, arr. W.J. Duthoit

Summer 2003

  • Comedy Overture, John Ireland arr. R. Steadman-Allen
  • East Coast Picture, Nigel Hess
    • Shelter Island
    • The Catskills
    • New York
  • Tuba Concerto (Soloist ~ Andrew Kershaw), John Sweden
  • Brighton Beach (Concert march), William P. Latham
  • Overture to 'The Wasps', Ralph Vaughan-Williams trans. Frank Hudson
  • Bridges over the river Cam, Derek Bourgeois
  • Rhythm of the Winds, Frank Erickson
  • Big Band Signatures, arr. John Higgins
  • Strawberry Fair, Robert Farnon
  • Flower Power, arr. Don Campbell
  • Birdland, Josef Zawinul arr. Larry Norred

Easter 2003

  • Joyeuse Marche, Emmanuel Chabrier, arr. Geoffrey Brand
  • Wilten Festival Overture, Philip Sparke
  • Symphonic Suite from 'Band of Brothers', Michael Kamen, arr. Jerry Brubaker
  • Concert Suite: Rogue's Gallery, George Harrison, arr. Jay Bocook
  • Toccata in D Minor, J.S. Bach, arr. Ray Farr & Kevin Lamb

New Year 2003

  • Fanfare & Jubiloso, James Curnow
  • Cortege de Bacchus, Leo Delibes, arr. Van der Beek
  • A Hymn to New England, John Williams
  • Ballet Music from Prince Igor, Alexander Borodin, arr. Godfrey
  • Four Norfolk Dances, Philip Sparke
  • Copacabana, Saucedo
  • Symphonic Suite from The Lord of the Rings, Howard Shaw, arr. Lopez
  • Music, John Miles, arr. Sparke

Summer 2002 (on tour to Glasgow & Edinburgh)

  • Festmusik Der Stadt Wien, Richard Strauss, arr. Banks
  • Celtic Ritual, John Higgins
  • Illyrian Dances, Guy Woolfenden
  • Canticles, James Curnow
  • Anything Goes, Cole Porter, arr. Fernie
  • Indiana Jones Selection, John Williams, arr. Van der Heide
  • Barnard Castle, Goff Richards
  • Stephenson's Rocket, Nigel Hess
  • Black & White Flag, George Botsford, arr. Fernie
  • Time Remembered, Philip Sparke
  • The Beatles :Echoes of an Era, arr. John Higgins
  • Soul Bosanova, Quincy Jones, arr. Myokin
  • The Best of Bond, arr. Darrol Barry, trans. Ray Woodfield

Easter 2002

  • Festivo, Edward Gregson
  • Variations on a Shaker Melody, Aaron Copland
  • SPQR, Guy Woolfenden
  • Popular Song from Facade, William Walton, arr. O'Brien
  • Galloping Major, Gordon Jacob trans. Steadman-Allen
  • Hollywood, Goff Richards
  • Royal Tournament, Derek Bourgeois
  • To a New Dawn, Philip Sparke
  • Marche au Supplice, Hector Berlioz trans. van der Beek
  • Handel in the Strand, Percy Grainger, arr. Sousa
  • Harry Potter Symphonic Suite, John Williams, arr. Robert W Smith
  • Rock and Go, Schneider

New Year 2002

  • The Centurion, Philip Sparke
  • Oxford Scherzo, Bryan Kelly
  • Proclamation, James Curnow
  • The Shipbuilders' Suite, Peter Yorke
    1. Web of Steel
    2. The Launching
    3. All Hands at Work
    4. Maiden Voyage
  • A Noyse of Minstrells, Gordon Jacob arr. Bram Wiggins
  • Barnum, Cy Coleman arr. Marcel Peeters
  • Eagle Crest, James Barnes
  • Angelic Festival, Richard Saucedo
  • Stephenson's Rocket, Nigel Hess
  • Soul Bosanova, Quincey Jones arr. Masato Myokoin
  • The Beatles : Echoes of an Era, John Higgins
  • Finale : Symphony No.3 in C (Organ Symphony), Camille Saint-Saens

Summer 2001

  • Crown Imperial, William Walton
  • Celtic Ritual (Overture), John Higgins
  • Illyrian Dances, Guy Woolfenden
    1. Rondeau
    2. Aubade
    3. Gigue
  • Dawn Flight, Philip Wilby
  • Dies Irae (from Verdi's Requiem), Guiseppe Verdi
  • Fantasia Selection, arr. James Curnow
  • Festmusik der Stadt Wien, Richard Strauss, arr. Eric Banks
  • A Cambridge Triptych, Ray Steadman - Allen
    1. Fanfare and Song
    2. Nocturne
    3. March
  • Les Misérables Selection, Schönberg, arr. Warren Barker
  • Time Remembered (Elegy for Band), Philip Sparke
  • 1812 Overture Solonelle, P. Tchaikovsky, arr. T. Conway Brown

Easter 2001

  • Prelude for an Occasion, Edward Gregson
  • Overture: Saturday Market, Anthony Hedges
  • Four Cornish Dances, Malcolm Arnold trans. Thad Marciniak
  • The Girl with the Flaxen Hair, Claude Debussy arr. Michael Brand
  • Berceuse & Finale from 'The Firebird Suite', Igor Stravinsky arr. Robert Longfield
  • Canticles, James Curnow
  • Indiana Jones Selection, John Williams arr. Hans van der Heide

New Year 2001

  • Fanfare for a New Age, Goff Richards, Trans. Ray Woodfield
  • Prelude to a Festival, Allan Fernie
  • A Derbyshire Suite, Michael Short
  • The TV Detectives, Nigel Hess
  • Spartakiade, Prokofiev, arr. Bashford
  • The Hounds of Spring, Alfred Reed
  • Anything Goes, Cole Porter, arr. Fernie
  • Round Midnight, Williams/Monk, arr. Nestico
  • Black & White Rag, George Botsford, arr. Fernie
  • Square Dance (Turkey Salad), Stuart Green
  • The Best of Bond, Arr. Darrol Barry, trans. Ray Woodfield

Summer 2000 (on tour to the Isle of Wight)

  • Barnard Castle, Goff Richards
  • Wallace and Gromit, arr. Stuart Green
  • Nott'num Town, Allan Street
  • Fanfare and Soliloquy, Trevor Sharpe
  • First Suite in Eb, Gustav Holst
  • Serenade, Derek Bourgeois
  • Blue Rondo a Ia Turk, Dave Brubeck
  • Pavanne in Blue, Ted Huggins
  • Evening at Pops, John Williams
  • Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, John Williams, arr Robert W. Smith
  • A 'Chorus Line' Spectacular!, Marvin Hamlisch, arr. Warren Barker
  • March: The Suffolk Punch, David Bertie
  • Caesar's Camp, Robert Ely and Fran Renton
  • The Blue and the Grey, Clare Grundman
  • Agnus Dei, Gabriel Fauré, arr. Erickson
  • Selection from Cats, arr. John Edmondson
  • Queen in Concert, arr. John Edmondson
  • Cornish Overture, David Harris
  • Clog Dance from La Fille Mal Garde, Hérold, arr. Rodney Bashford
  • Hebrides Suite, Clare Grundman
  • Hootenanny, Walters