An update to the information below is available here:Future of Bedfordshire Music Service Dear Friends If...
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NEWS FLASH re Bedfordshire Music Campaign

An update to the information below is available here:
Future of Bedfordshire Music Service

Dear Friends

If you are thinking of writing a letter in protest at the 100% cut in cash funding to the Bedfordshire Music Service planned for April 2012, PLEASE CAN YOU DO SO BEFORE 12TH NOVEMBER?

I've just realised that the Council is currently reviewing the music service and will have finished this process by 15th November, so we need to get their attention before then.

Anyone needing more information or doesn't know what I'm talking about, please visit

PLEASE SEND THIS ON to anyone you sent information on to before.

I'm particularly keen to get this to PARENTS, STUDENTS AND TEACHERS but I do not have individual emails so please keep it going viral!

The website has had 1337 visitors since it went live on Friday lunchtime - keep up the energy!

Thank you!

Catherine Rose

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Remmy B, 3-Nov-2010 11:45

Hi All

For all of you who have not read and seen this, have a look:

Steve Clark, 3-Nov-2010 11:50

Central Beds have 'e-petitions' at

It says you need at least 100 signatories for it to proceed further, but I'm sure we can manage that. Can someone set one up?

Sue Templeman, 3-Nov-2010 13:10

sent letter to local councillors and have had reply from Gary Summerfield saying he opposes the cuts and that he will speak up at every opportunity.

Remmy B, 3-Nov-2010 17:18

Michael due to speak on 'In Tune' on radio 3 at 5.45 pm

Update: Now available on Listen Again at the same link.